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Testing the live journal jott note through the iPhone, this could be a very valuable thing, thank you very much, peace from Shelly.

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Mixed powders, blend together well and store in sealed glass jar:
4 parts aritha
2 parts shikakai
2 parts brinjaj
1 parts brahmi
1 parts amla
1 parts neem

To make the infusion:
1. Add two ounces of powder to a 4-tasse Bodum French coffee press (2 US cups)
2. Add boiling water to fill the press.
3. Stir, then place the top on the press.
4. Let steep until cool, then press down, and pour off the infusion (some sediment will pour off with the infusion--no biggie).
5. Add 1/4 tsp. (or more) of natural soap (e.g. Miracle II soap, castile soap, etc.), and stir in well.
6. As this contains no preservatives, store the majority of the final product in the fridge until ready to use.

To use the infusion to wash one's hair:
1. Shake bottle well and wet your hair.
2. Squirt the infusion generously over your scalp, being very careful not to allow any runoff into your eyes (it burns like a bitch!).
3. Massage into scalp gently. Allow infusion to sit on scalp for a couple of minutes.
4. Rinse well. Condition if desired.

Alternate Use: a cleansing hair treatment mask:
1. Mix the powders with enough hot water to make a paste about the consistency of stirred yogurt.
2. Plaster the paste all over your scalp and hair.
3. Pin up any lengths of hair and cover with plastic wrap, a shower cap, and/or a hot towel turban. Allow mask to sit on head for anywhere from 15-60 minutes (or more).
4. Rinse very, very well. A couple generous handfuls of conditioner can assist in removing all the mud from your hair.

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Vegetarianism & Veganism>
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Dr. Fuhrman.com

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Pharmacy Practice
APhA (American Pharmacists Association)
ACCP (American College of Clinical Pharmacy)
ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists)
BPS (Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties)
Oncology boards review course (ACCP)

Scrubs, Uniforms
Uniform Discount (has Landau)
All Heart (has Landau)
Go To Scrubs (has Landau)
Comfort Scrubs (house brand)

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It's handmade by Ric of Sierra Legacy Hardwood Combs in Mapleton, OR. The thing is a piece of work, truly, and feels like heaven on my scalp and hair.


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It's been a while since I've done OCM (the oil-cleansing method), but I just found out what sort of junk they put into my old stand-by Cetaphil (Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Stearyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben). I may be possibly going overboard by ditching cetaphil for it's SLS content, which admittedly is probably pretty low. However, I am attempting to get soaps and detergents down to an absolute minimum on my hair and skin. Thus, revisiting OCM, trying out homemade skin cream cleansing in the shower, weaning off daily shampoos, opting for BS/ACV no-poo, CO, or ayuvedic herbal hair cleansing. I'll keep LJ posted when I start getting a regimen down, right now it's just all experimental. It's gotta be the pharmacist in me that gets her jollies with all this mixing, cooking, tweaking and blending.

If anyone reading this has no clue on God's green earth what the hooly-dooly I'm talking about, give a holler and I can fill you in and point you in the right direction.

Here's what I mixed up, very experimental, no castor oil at all this time:

Total vol approx. 120 ml
60 ml jojoba oil
30 ml evening primrose oil
30 ml sesame oil
24 gtt sea buckthorn oil (1%)
20 gtt Geranium eo
10 gtt Bergamot eo
10 gtt Rosemary eo

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I've been deenking about blending my own black teas; this blend is nice enough IMHO to share:

2 parts Keemun (entry-level Keemun from Upton Tea Importers)
1 part Assam (Season's Pick Dejoo estate from Upton Tea Importers)
1 part Ceylong (Kandy estate from Upton Tea Importers)
1 part Lapsang Souchong (either Upton's Imperial LS or Adagio's LS, I kind of dumped them together)

The predominance of Keemun gives the blend a smooth, mellow richness, and the LS gives it a touch of smokiness.

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Designs by Jennivee

Jenny sells her handmade fabric book covers on her eBay store. 'Sounds rather froofy, I suppose, and how can I possibly spare any brain wavelengths on pretty book covers when there is a war raging in Iraq (!?!?!), but then again, I *am* a class-A book whore, and I am OK with that. :)

Anyways, Jenny will whip up a book cover to fit your very own special book's dimensions in a variety of fabrics, all nicely lined, padded, with ribbon bookmark, and even a zippered pocket if you wish. All at *very* reasonable prices, and she whips them up and ships fairly quickly, as well. They are gorgeous things, they are!

Myself, my favorite way to spend my free-time is curled up in the corner of the couch absorbed in a book, with something sweet playing softly from the ipod. I've ordered one of Jenny's covers to fit a prayer book, and am awaiting (patiently!!) another to arrive to fit my "A Course in Miracles". A book cover can also be a discreet way to take your favorite controversial title out into public.


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Earth Scents by Marah

I have been buying perfume oils from Marah for, ummm, maybe about 15 years now. I have many vials that actually date back that far, and they are still potent. Each oil is yummy, yummy, yummy. I don't put much credence in the magickal properties, although they are interesting to consider. Her prices are reasonable, and have barely gone up at all over the years.

Below are her list of oils and magickal properties (copied from her website), with some of my own opinions/notes to myself tacked on.

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You scored as Neither. You think neither like a man nor like a woman. What you are you may decide for yourself. Most people will consider you strange, alien, weird or funny. You are probably quite interesting.










Should you be MALE or FEMALE?*
created with QuizFarm.com
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Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care
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Saroyan Zils
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UK @ Yahoo!
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Prayer Beads/Anglican Rosary
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100 g cocoa butter
20 g shea butter, raw
15 g coconut oil
3 gttsful India Bouquet perfume oil, Marah
4 gttsful Vanilla Select fragrance oil, Brambleberry

Melt all (except perfumes) very slowly in double boiler, leave over low heat for at least 30-40 min. Let cool to lukewarm, then add perfume. Pour into two small SS round dishes, oiled lightly with evoo.

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Click here for brownie recipeCollapse )


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Zupreem Avian Weaning Diet
Prot: 18%
Fat: 9%
Fiber: 3%
Moisture: 10%

Harrison's Hi-Potency Super-Fine
Prot: 20%
Fat: 12%
Fiber: 5%
Moisture: 10%
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The powder blend:

3 oz. aritha pdr
3 oz. shikakai pdr
2 oz. amla pdr
2 oz. neem pdr
1 oz. gulab pdr

Blend all pdrs together and store in a glass jar. Note: "oz" means by volume, i.e. one 30 ml coffee scoop.

To make the "tea"

Place 2 oz. powder in a 4-tasse french press pot, add boiling water (about 2 cups), stir, let steep, stirring occasionally until cool. Add 1 tsp. grapefruit seed extract (from Brambleberry) and 2 tsp. dilute shampoo (Nyle herbal shampoo from Bombay Grocer, diluted 1:1 with water), stir gently. Let the sediment settle once more, then press the pot down. Store excess in fridge.

This works great--shiney hair, lots of body. I squirt it onto wet hair (about 3-4 fl. oz), let sit on my hair, then rinse.

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You Are A: Lamb!

lambPeaceful and gentle, lambs have been used in religious imagery for millennia. Lambs are baby sheep, an animal tended by shephards since the dawn of history. As a lamb, you tend to stay together in a flock and graze on grassy land. Lambs don't mind being led and tend not to go off on their own.

You were almost a: Pony or a Duckling
You are least like a: Squirrel or a FrogWhat Cute Animal Are You?
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2 T. arrowroot pdr
2 T. baking soda
1 T. salt
1/2 t. myrrh pdr
1 t. cinnamon
sprinkle of stevia

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Disgusting-tasting tooth powder recipeCollapse )

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4 oz raw coconut oil
4 oz sesame oil
1 rounded T. each of amla, bringraj and brahmi powders.

Infused the whole thing in a double boiler for a couple of hours. Part way through I added another heaping tsp. of each of the powders. Let cool slightly, then strained thru my Chatsford tea infuser. The resulting oil was still very muddy, so the following morning I re-strained it thru a folded Viva paper towel in a funnel. I only ended up with about 4 oz of finished oil. Smells great and has a dark greenish color. Next time I will put the powdered herbs into paper teabags for infusion and then use a viva paper towel for the final filter (after it's completely cooled). I may use this oil for hair, scalp, skin, maybe even face.


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